Nikolitsa Gkoloni

Nikolitsa GkoloniResearch assistant/Administrative Support

Nikolitsa Gkoloni is a Greek PhD student specializing in Green, Lean, Six Sigma, and Industry 4.0 at the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises, University of Patras, Greece. She holds an MSC in Total Quality Management and Technology from Hellenic Open University, with a focus on life cycle assessment and management in composite materials.With a strong background in project management, quality assessment, and financial planning, Nikolitsa has worked as a Finance and Administrative Assistant in European Projects at the Visualization & Virtual Reality Group, University of Patras. Her responsibilities included project management, statistical process control, and financial planning, along with communication and coordination with various stakeholders. She has also served as a Logistics and Sales Trainer and worked in logistics and distribution management. She has actively participated in research projects and possesses strong digital skills.