CPSoSAware : Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools and methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS

The Industrial Systems Institute coordinates the EC funded project CPSoSaware, which targets on shaping the future of Smart Mobility and Smart Manufacturing by developing autonomic, secure, cognitive cybephysical system of systems that will support operators and users using Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic Reconfiguration and Augmented Reality Technologies. The CPSoSaware solution aims to create self-aware cyber-physical systems of systems (CPSoSs) that detect and respond to physical and cyber environment changes, helping to avoid information overload, and reduce their management complexity by the human administrators in the automotive and manufacturing domains.

H2020 CPSoSaware will strengthen reliability, fault tolerance and security in CPSoS’s but also will be able to lead to CPS designs that work in a decentralized way, collaboratively, in an equilibrium, by sharing tasks and data with minimal central intervention.

A 5 million € initiative that is launched on January 1, 2020 with 13 partners from 9 European countries, and is expected to position Europe in the leading seat in this arena, boosting the European innovation capacity and creating new job opportunities.
Duration: 36
Timeline: 2020-2023
Funding Agency: European Commision, Horizon 2020
ISI Principal Investigator & Deputy Coordinator: Dr.  Aris S. Lalos